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[Solved] Member Reputation

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Here is how the member reputation levels work on GPL. This may change over time as I tweak the settings, but this is how it is currently calculated.

Reputation Points

  • 2pts: Creating a new Topic
  • 1pt: Per Post/Reply
  • 5pts: Receiving a like
  • -5pts: Receiving a Dislike


Reputation Levels

  • 0pts: New Member
  • 20pts: Lucia Level
  • 200pts: Wooger Level
  • 500pts: Micheletti Level
  • 750pts: Stauber level
  • 1000pts: Bonin Level
  • 1500pts: Leopold Level
  • 2000pts: Broten Level
  • 4000pts: Brooks Level
  • 7500pts: Mariucci Level
  • 10000pts: Mayasich Level


What is my current point total?

Look in your profile for "Reputation Points" in your main profile page.

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