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[Solved] Avatars & Cover Photos

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Avatars on GPL:

The new message board is a bit quirky with avatars. Tall or wide images can look goofy. For best results, I would recommend having a SQUARE image for your avatar.

Recommended Image Size: 300x300px


Generic Avatars:

If you have not designated an avatar on GPL, you will get an automatically generated colored avatar based on your username in an initial type format. Do not want that avatar? Then you can upload or link to another image.


Animated Avatars:

Animated will not work if you upload them to the system. They must live on the internet somewhere. You can see that I put my avatar on the GPL server and you can link to anywhere on the internet. OR if you do not have that, I can upload it to the GPL server if you want and then send you a link so you can set it up. A square aspect ratio works best. 300x300px

Just need to enter the URL here in your profile.

Screen Shot 2022 08 28 at 7.15.46 PM


Cover images:

Cover images are completely up to you. If you want one, you can add one to your profile. They are a very wide aspect ratio. So a 1x5 aspect ratio is probably best.




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