Doug Woog


Doug Woog


WOOGISM” – A Woogism is an entertaining and/or confusing statement by former Gopher player, Gopher coach, and FSNorth television color commentator Doug Woog. Unlike other collections of ‘isms, Woogisms rarely include malapropisms (misspeaks) but are outrageous, random statements made during the course of a game or in pre/post coverage. Most of them occurred along side of Frank Mazzocco, the voice of Gopher Hockey.

These are some of a few terms used in the past by the Wooger.
“gin-e-gar”, “chitter-chatter-pitter-patter – lets get at err”, “rally bat”, “compost sticks”, “That’s a good non-call”, “Next goal wins it”, “that was a ticky-tac penalty”, “quicker than a hiccup”

Doug Woog

The Gophers were late getting on the ice for warm-ups in a game out East and Minnesota was assessed a two-minute penalty. Woog argued that isn’t a penalty, but the officials insisted. Following warm-ups, the officials checked their rule books and determined it isn’t a penalty. When they informed Woog, he responded, “No, you gave us a two-minute penalty, we’re taking the penalty.” Upon further discussion, Woog demanded they keep the penalty on the board. After the officials left, equipment manager Harry Broadfoot came up to Woog and said, “What the heck are doing?” To which Woog answered, “I think it’s a really good momentum boost for a team to kill off a penalty right away at the start of the game.”

Talking about the trip back from the U20 Junior Tournament..
“It’s a lot better to fly from Vancouver than it is from ahh Nova…Sibirsk… I’ll tell ya… Novasibersk is just on the eastern part of the urinals folks.”

Said in reference to Minnesota State player Jon Kalinski.
“I couldn’t say Kalinski for three days, now its like its growing out of my mouth.”

Frank and Doug were talking about construction being done on Mariucci to make it NHL size ice.
Frank: “But that’s for all I know about construction. I can barely lay tile in my bathroom.” Doug: “Shiny side up, Frank”

Said in reference to the officiating during a game.
“I guess Sheppard will start calling penalties next period.”

Said 3/14/08 during overtime against Mankato during the 1st game of the WCHA playoffs.
“The next team to score is going to win it Frank”

Said 3/15/08 after a long series of multiple gopher rebounds off of Zacharias the Mankato goalie.
“It looked like someone dropped bread crumbs in the lake and all the sunfish came up to the top”

Said 2/1/08 during the North Dakota game.
“That shot was wide and soft, that was a charmin shot.”

Paul Martin had blocked a shot with his groin, then – understandably – limps off the ice rather slowly.
Frank (trying to be demure): “Martin got hit in the, ah, lower abdomen”…. Doug (gleefully): “Looks like Paulie took one in the toast there!”

Talking about Grant Potulny
“Potulny has been bangin’ guys all nite”

Story (Source Unknown)
It’s not a Woogism but when he was coach during the one of the Wiscy games, he turned to the local crowd (at Madison), took his tie, raised it the end, and pulled it like a noose. For Buckey had succeeded in hanging himself!!!!!!!

Said during the 2007-2008 season
“Kangas had MD… Mask Disfunction”

Wooger describing Kyle Okposo.
“He’s like and oak tree with arms”

Talking about Kyle Okposo’s impressive physique
“I’d hate to get caught in a dark closet with him with no shirt on.”

Said during the 2006-2007 season
“He tried to dangle the big Johnson right there!”

Quote (Source Unknown)
“He just gave him the ‘ol Christian Bowtie!”

Said 3/16/08 during overtime against Mankato during the 3rd game of the WCHA playoffs.
“Everybody in the building is standing except for people in a wheelchair. Everybody is up.”

Doug Woog

Story (Source Unknown)
“Another great moment was back around 95 or 96. I was waiting in the student line up at UND to get into the old Ralph with a buddy of mine who attended school there. We got out of line and went into the arena lobby to warm up as the gophers bus pulled in. As the players where going through the lobby some Sue fan was holding a sign that read “Goofers Suck” and spouting off to the players and coaches. With the entire team behind him, Woog steps up to the clown and tells the kid “I will give you $50 for that sign.” The kid thinks about it for a minute and hands Woog the sign. Woog hands the kid some amount of money and starts walking away. The kid then yells “hey, this isn’t fifty bucks” and Woog yells back “You are a North Dakota fan, I didn’t think they could count to fifty, obviously they don’t know how to spell Gophers correctly, it’s spelled with two F’s.” All the boys on the team start laughing as Woog walks away and the kid just stands there with a stupid look on his face and no sign. Priceless! ”

Said during the 2006-2007 season
“Gee, Flo must be back at the Diner, ’cause this period doesn’t have any”

Quote (Source Unknown)
Doug: “He’s a daylight burglar!” Frank: (understandably) “What?” Doug: “Most robbers have to work at night, he’s good enough to rob you during the day!”

Said during the 2006-2007 season.
Frank Do you remember ________?? Doug “Frank, I can’t remember what kind of cereal I ate for breakfast. Do you really think I can remember that?”

Said after Thomas Vanek was checked from behind and dropped to the ice unhurt.
“Vanek went down quicker than a pancake at a VFW breakfast.”

Said As Ryan Potulny was repeatedly slashed by an opposing player..
“Frank, he was like sugarcane, he just sat there getting whacked.”

Talking about the flow of a game.
“Good pace, a lot of north and south, or it could be east and west, I’m not sure but either way…”

Said 1/17/09 during the St. Cloud State game.(Woog’s answer to the trivia question regarding when St. Cloud State began varsity hockey)
”It’s been a long time…they had it before they had it.”

Said 1/17/09 during the St. Cloud State game.
“The puck is really jumping around tonight…they must have gotten it from Mexico.”

Said 10/30/09 during the Alaska Anchorage game. The Gophers were 0 for 20 on the Power Play starting the season.
Doug “All right, here we go, about to be the number one power play in the nation… after this, they’re gonna be one for one.” Frank (after a minute) “Are you gonna erase the previous twenty to give them that hundred percent?” Doug “Yep.”

Said during Alaska Anchorage series @ Mariucci. Frank talking about Freshman Zach Budish.
Frank “He’s a very imposing figure” Doug “Yeah, and he’s a big guy too” Frank “That would make him an imposing figure”