Video Streaming

Here is the scoop on streaming Gopher Hockey games for the 2023/24 season. This is VIDEO STREAMING ONLY, this is not about watching games on your TV / Cable / Satellite provider. This is the most current information, we will update this page if new information comes along.

Many living in the Twin Cities will see games with their TV provider. But this info can help those INSIDE and OUTSIDE of the cities to see games this season. So basically anywhere in the US.


There are 18 live games for the 2023/24 that can be streamed using the paid B1G+ streaming service. Go to the BigTenPlus website and click subscribe. I recommend clicking SPORT PASS. Then select “Ice Hockey”. Then choose the “Ice Hockey (Men’s & Women’s)” $59.99 per year.

With B1G+ you will get most (not all) of the games on Fox9 or Fox9+ this season. But you will also have access to most of the women’s games for Minnesota. You can also get a TON of other BigTen games as well.

As of right now, 8 games that will be B1G+ stream only. That could change, but for right now that will be the only way to see those games.

Fox Sports App

Games that are on BTN or FS1 television network will be streamed on the Fox Sports App. There are 12 live games for the 2023/24 season that can be streamed this way. You will need a corresponding TV/Cable subscription to stream on that app. & FloHockey

“Road” non-conference games will not stream on B1G+ even if it is on 9 or 9+. This is due to those conference placing restrictions on streaming. There are 4 live games for the 2023/24. So to stream those games, you need to pay for FloHockey for the St. Thomas Xcel game. for the road games against North Dakota and Minnesota-Duluth.


The 2 games AT Notre Dame will be streaming on the Peacock streaming service. This will likely be the only way to see those games.