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Ad for Dinkytown Athletes
Ad for Dinkytown Athletes

[Solved] Can't get logged in?

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If you are logging on to GPL for the first time in a while. You MUST reset your password.

Follow this link to do that!


Do not recreate an account if you cannot get in to your old one. I can always manually update it and get you setup. Many of you originally registered with an email you no longer may have. But I can update the email and get you fixed up. Just send an email to [email protected] and I can help!

Email like... Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and whatnot... Some of them do not even put the email in your spam. It just flat out never gets to you. So you may have to do some sort of allowance to accept all mail from [email protected]


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Ad for Dinkytown Athletes
Ad for Dinkytown Athletes