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Set of Goalie Equipment

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goalie equipment

I'm retiring from playing goalie and have decided to sell all of my equipment.  I'm offering it here before I post it on CL or Marketplace.  For sizing reference, this would probably fit someone between 5'6" and 5'9.  Selling it all as a set (must take everything).  Would be great for beer league or pick up hockey.  $250 for the set.

Eagle blocker (black/white)

Heaton glove (black/white)

Sherwood chest protector

Sherwood 9950 goalie-cut pants (black)

Itech neck bib (size 13.5-15.5, L/XL) (black)

Smith custom leg pads (32+1 with thigh boards) (solid black)

Bauer Supreme goalie skates (size 8D)

Bauer Vapor jock 

Itech helmet with cat-eye cage (black)

Bauer Vapor goalie bag (all of the equipment above fits into it)

Sherwood goalie stick (red/white)



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