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[Solved] Cord Cutting: Streaming Gopher games

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If you are a cord cutter like me and want to stream the games that are on Bally Sports North you have a few options.

- Purchase the Bally Sports + package for $19.99/mo (Plus tax) to stream all Gopher hockey, Wild and TWolves games. Though this will likely not work if you live outside of the Minnesota TV market.

- Another option that I recommend is getting the BTN+ Annual Ice Hockey package. It is $54.99/yr (Plus tax) You will get all non-televised BTN games across the league AND you will get the Gopher games that are also on Bally Sports North. From what I know, this will work if you live outside the Minnesota TV market. Let me know if this is not the case.


Opinion: I think the Bally Sports+ package is a bit steep and will only be an option for certain cord cutters AND it will likely not work if you live outside the TV market. But the BTN+ Hockey Package comes out to a much cheaper overall cost for those of us that just want to stream Gopher Hockey. AND... You will get many other games from other teams that you can watch that are not televised. Want to see Michigan play Ohio State and it's not on TV? BTN+ will have you covered.

If you combined this BTN+ with another service like HULU Live or YouTube TV, you will pretty much be able to see all of the game. So take BTN+ in to consideration for watching games!

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