NCAA Men's Hockey. Who's making money? Who's not?

by: Jupiter on Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 17 comments! | Post your comment

After posting some BigTen financial numbers on this afternoon that added 2010 figures, I decided to see what all of MEN'S college hockey did for 2010. So I decided to get those numbers and see what they looked like. I got the numbers from the Equity in Athletics website by the Department of Education. You can find that site here:

So I have the overall numbers. Then current conference numbers. Then just for fun I rearranged the conference numbers to show what it will look like in 2013 when everything changes.

Some notes on the numbers:
- This is just fun project I wanted to do. I can't officially tell you that the numbers are spot on. So don't complain to me about it. I am just giving you the numbers that I pulled from the website.

- I have no idea how or why many schools break EXACTLY even. Maybe they are just playing with the numbers or something. I really don't know. All I can do is just post the numbers I have.

- Two hockey schools do not provide numbers. Those 2 are Air Force and Army. I am guessing it has something to do with them being Military schools.

- I pulled what they call the 2010 numbers. Those are the most recent numbers available. Now I have no way of know exactly the time period for them. Are they calendar year 2010 numbers? OR are they 2009-10 school year numbers. I just don't know.

Some of my observations:
- There is little doubt that Minnesota is the big dog when it comes to money in college hockey. No one is close to them. MN made more than 3x the profit on the next closest team UND in 2010. They keep there expenses low for such a huge program and then knock it out of the park with revenue. It will be interesting to see how far the gap widens in future years with the new seating costs coming.

- The current WCHA is the KING. Profiting $9.5 million in 2010. Hockey East is the closest competitor with $1.9 million. The CCHA is getting killed by MSU, OSU and ND.

- The future WCHA will be a complete joke. The B1G and NCHC will be making all the money and Hockey East will take a hit adding Notre Dame if they can't turn their numbers around. I am guessing that with a new rink, those Notre Dame numbers will change quickly.

What are your thoughts and observations?





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