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Beauner said

It’s too bad they can’t get the same results against teams they’d likely face in the playoffs.


This.  Everyone needs to remember the Twins have played a ton of games against some very bad teams.  Their games against Houston, LAD, Tampa and even Boston were bad to meh.  Based on these results, I would expect a quick exit in the playoffs.

They are handling the easy teams, and that’s all we can ask for.  But if they start putting solid games together, without allowing 5+ runs per game against the top teams, then we can talk about how good the pitching staff is.

They split a 4 game series @ Boston and took 2 of 3 @ Tampa.

The Houston series wasn’t great, obviously. Houston was on a hot streak (IIRC they ended up winning 13 in a row or 13 of 14, something like that) and they beat the Twins pretty easily, however that series was without Buxton for two games and Correa missed the entire series.


Everyone knew this stretch of games was a spot where the Twins would/should be able to rattle off 11 or 12 wins out of 15. But there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the team winning 6 straight and 8 of 9 while they’re doing it.

You’re not wrong, but I look at the runs given up against those teams and I wonder if we have the pitching staff that will win games for us in October.  Has the staff been spectacular or has the competition been meek?

Runs allowed

Dodgers (7, 7)

Red Sox (4, 4, 8, 3)

Rays (6, 1, 1)

Astros (5, 11, 5)


I’m always happy when the Twins get off to a good start, it makes watching the games on tv from time to time (or listening on the radio) more enjoyable. And I hope they make the playoffs, but if they do, I’m just hoping they win a game or two. It’s hard to invest your time (in any more than a cursory fashion) in a team whose owners aren’t truly committed to winning at a high level & eventually a championship as Leopold or the Wilfs. In my view, Rob, Chip & Ernie enjoy owning the Twins a great deal, but the worst thing that could have happened to them actually happened…their Daddy’s team winning the WS twice as young men satiated their desire to win a 3rd ring.

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