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Tiggsy said
That’s why I don’t understand the hype Canes gets.
The chicken is above avg, but not worth all the hype.  Though the bread is the best.  Always ask for extra bread at both Raising Canes and Dairy Queen.
Tiggsy said
Yes you are definitely correct.  Always go inside.  Maplewood just opened up and walked right in to the counter.  Woodbury always has a huge drive thru line and same thing there.  Order almost right away.

The only Canes that I’ve been to or driven past that the drive thru isn’t mass craziness… The one in Mpls. on Snelling Ave. and Lake St.  Use to be an Arby’s there but it burnt done in 2003 (electrical fire) and 2020 (riots).  It’s just a steady 3-5 cars at all times.

Tiggsy said

Maplewood just opened up and walked right in to the counter.

You definitely have your choice of fast food in Maplewood.  Canes, across the street CFA and just down the street Popeye’s.

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