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Bonin21 said

I may need to take back what I’ve said in the past. Was up in Blaine and stopped into Canes for the first time in ten or so years. Went inside because I’m not a dummy waiting in that line and got my food almost instantly.

For under 11 bucks, I enjoyed it more than recent trips to CFA. Everything was more flavorful (albeit probably over the line of too much grease and salt so easy to have flavor). At that price in this current world, it’s good cheap fast food. Just don’t wait in a line of 30 cars for it.


Sorry but I think you’re wrong about the flavor of Canes vs. CFA.  Pretty sure Canes just uses flour and fries them up.  No seasoning at all so if you don’t like their sauce, you are SOL.  CFA has seasoning which IMHO add to the experience.  Plus I love the spicy at CFA.  Not to say Canes doesn’t have quality food.  It’s always fresh and cooked very well.  It’s just very plain.  That’s why I don’t understand the hype Canes gets.  It’s exactly like going to a fancy ice cream shop and getting vanilla.  Sure it’s good, but come on!  Way better stuff out there.


Yes you are definitely correct.  Always go inside.  Maplewood just opened up and walked right in to the counter.  Woodbury always has a huge drive thru line and same thing there.  Order almost right away.