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Answers to Tuesday, May 24, 2022

1. Leftover mail—anything with an undeliverable address and no return address—was once stored by the U.S. Postal Service in a place known as the DLO. What does “DLO” stand for?

Dead Letter Office

2. What intergovernmental organization was founded in 1920 following the end of World War I, and lasted 26 years before it was replaced by the United Nations following World War II?

League of Nations

3. Trivial Pursuit has six categories, five of which have always been represented by the same colors. Which category was originally represented by brown, but is now purple?

“Arts & Literature”

4. What recording artist, with over 75 million albums sold throughout his career, is responsible for the top-selling instrumental album of all time as well one of the top-selling Christmas albums of all time?

Kenny G

5. “Mavericks” was the name of the 10th version of Mac OS X—the first version that wasn’t named after a big cat. Instead, it was named after a location on the California coast famous for what activity?