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    I think I’m very wrong in this now, but I thought if you produced (x) or less amount of barrels, you didn’t HAVE to go through a distributor in MN. It was self-distro. Did you really have to set up a “separate” company? Junkyard and LTD USED to self-distro, and Barrel Theory does self-distro (as we all understand it…)

    I don’t think you have set up a separate company. It’s all how lawyers interpreted how the law is written to allow it to be done and lawyers are good at that. As far as I know there’s not a cap for self-distribution but at some point as a company you have do decide how many trucks and employees do you want to take on. I think Surly had 3 drivers and trucks when they decided to go to a distributor and that was before they built the new brewery. Distribution is all about maximizing each truck run. That’s why distributors will carry soda or wine or whatever just to make sure all the trucks are full. I believe Indeed had more than that before they just went to a distributor last month.

    I think Junkyard is still self-distributed. Blackstack and Modist are also. Drekker used to be but I think they have fully went with MegaBeer in the last 4-6 months. I’m sure there’s are others, I don’t know how every brewery gets their beer to market there’s too many.

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