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    The government’s constant deference to corporations is tired and obvious.

    IMO, they put those fine print limits in to appease the opponents of the “Free The Four Pack” law, as it is known. The ones that think people will become raging drunks if the law was passed. Also, yes, the distro companies and liquor stores.

    The limit is what it is, MN is slow to change and it’ll probably get raised eventually. Penalizing breweries that self-distribute benefits only distributors and is simply legislators appeasing their donors and nothing more.

    The way I read it, the self-distro can still sell 4- and 6- at will. However, I may have misinterpreted.

    Aaron is saying there’s a clause that breweries can only sell out the door any beer that they have also offered to a distributor. Unless they can figure out a way to consider themselves a distributor, a self-distributed brewery still wouldn’t be able to sell 4 or 6 packs. That’s just petty BS by distributors using their power to work that clause in if that’s the way it ends up being interpreted and enforced.

    Gotcha, so I misread a self-distro brewery cannot be exempt from the distro part. Thank you. :)

    Like he said, we’ll see how that is interpreted and enforced but if that’s the case it’s just powerful distributors trying to force a small business to work thru so them so they still get their piece. Self-distribution has always been a little dicey as it works outside of the three-tier system with the self-distributing brewery being 2 tiers which isn’t necessarily legal but that’s for lawyers and judges to decide. A lot of breweries like Surly started out self-distributing to get a foothold. At some point you grow enough that you have to decide if you want to run a brewery or a trucking company. That’s where a distributor comes in and they serve their purpose which is usually their own benefit.

    I went to CBC at the convention center a couple weeks ago and there was a whole presentation that was basically a “How to Deal with F-ing Distributors” class and one of the first things they did was ask the large and full room “are there any distributors here” and since there was they had to temper the tone of their answers. It was pretty funny as I’ve been on both sides.