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    gator said
    Bigbeer said
    gator said

    So is Jr. Domi…


    Not that I’ve seen.

    Sending Reaves out to throw some cheap shots in the last 30 seconds is cheesy.

    Must’ve missed his end of the game heroics in Game 3… And I’m not defending Reaves.  Reaves barely has two brain cells to rub together.

    The end of game 3 was typical end of playoff game stuff. The only reason it was amplified is cause Gallant threw a red faced tantrum that he thinks motivates his team. Him and Reaves are both clowns. Reaves chasing Domi around the ice and cross checking him in the head was way worse than anything Domi did in game 3 but I’m sure it was justified in Reaves tiny brain.

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