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Per Junkyard Brewing’s post today on FB:

Aaron did an interview today with @wdaytv news about the new liquor bill that just passed in Minnesota. 🚨Spoiler Alert 🚨 We have mixed feelings about the new law that allows MN breweries to sell 12oz and 16oz cans. First of all, those sales would be highly restricted. The new law restricts 12oz and 16oz sales to 128oz per person per day. That’s only two 4-packs of pounders! (But at the same time, you could go to a liquor store and buy our beer by the case if you wanted). Additionally, our reading of the law suggests that if a brewery wants to take advantage of this new license, they legally need to offer those beers to a distributor as well. (Self distribution doesn’t count). We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out in terms of enforcement and interpretation, but for now we’ve got concerns about the new law. The good news is that our licensing for crowlers hasn’t changed, so you can still take home as many crowlers as you would like!

My note: that is great news on the crowlers, if correct. Otherwise, goodbye to muling for others.