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I think that is one of the biggest downfalls of restaurants today is having too big of menu thus making the customer experience very complicated.  I don’t think you need 40 burgers and 50 beers on tap to have a good restaurant.  Keep things simple and do them very well with great customer service.  This is something here in Mankato is a failure in every restaurant.  Even the Loose Moose where my wife works the kitchen can’t cook the food consistently good and there are no basic items on the menu.  Sorry for the brag but my wife is the best waitress there and it’s not even close.

My requirements for a good restaurant; a simple menu that doesn’t take 5 minutes to read over where the food is well above par and you don’t need a bank loan for (I understand food costs are high right now but restaurants here in Mankato were getting bad before 2020), and decent selection of local and national beers on tap.