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    gator said

    iPhone help…

    My wife gave up her work phone and number. At first, we were going to keep her work number and work even signed off on it. Though then it became a problem with Sprint. So, we just took her other phone which was Verizon and switched to AT&T.

    Ever since she switched, I can’t FaceTime her. She can FaceTime me, but I can’t with here. I can with anyone else who has an IPhone. When I try to FaceTime her I get the following notification. We have googled and everything seems to be working. Just not working.
    Any iPhone genesis out there?!?!?!

    First I would check to see if anyone else can FaceTime with her, both on an iPhone and an Android if possible.  And you may have already tried this: Go into both your Contacts and see the screen with your /her number. Directly under the name there is Messages-Phone-Video-Mail-$

    Is the video and phone icon blue?  Now look slightly down at the dedicated FaceTime section.  Do you have both a Video AND a phone icon?  I believe both must be there to FaceTime.

    If this isn’t it then yes you may have to go to an Apple store and see the “Genius” bar.  Or call HELP with Apple and they may be able to solve it with a phone call.