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Holy crap this May schedule is all the bad teams.  Something like 3 games all month vs team with winning record (Houston).  All others against the bottom dwellers.  Time to make hay because June starts off with the top teams of the AL East.

A win’s a win, but these games have all been pretty close. That doesn’t bode well for next month.

It’s fun to watch a team get timely hits like they have been doing, but I doubt their ability to beat good teams with better pitching or even make the playoffs. They have some good young players and hopefully a bright future…that makes them entertaining to watch at least.

What are they going to do with Sano? He’s been a frustrating player for me to watch over the years. A guy with a low batting average and high strike out count can make up for all of that with one swing of the bat, but he’s 29 years old now. I don’t see him ever getting to that next level of pushing his season average up to a respectable level and hitting in key situations. Maybe there are stats out there to justify his position on the team, but I’m pulling back from supporting his roster spot.