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Answers to Monday, May 23, 2022

1. What bird comes in such species as Charming, Buff-Bellied, and Bumblebee?


2. There were 12 Olympian gods. Two of them were twins. Name them.

Apollo and Artemis

3. What writer and poet, whose Parisian home became the epicenter of the group of writers she dubbed “The Lost Generation,” said, “America is my country, and Paris is my hometown”?

Gertrude Stein

4. Garth Brooks may have sold more records, but the title “King of Country” typically goes to what unwavering Texan, who’s had 60 No. 1 hits since 1982?

George Strait

5. Pittsburgh has a lot of nicknames, including “Steel City,” “The City of Bridges,” and “Sixburgh.” What is the significance of the number six in that last one?

It’s the number of Super Bowls the Steelers have won