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Bigbeer said
Bigbeer said
Bigbeer said

I don’t understand why Woods is playing if he’s not 100%

Because even at less than 100%, he’s still good enough to make the cut at Majors?

So that’s his goal now…?…limp around and make the cut? It’s not, that’s why he pulled out. He needs to get healthy

That is what he is testing out, IMO. Don’t know until you get out there. He is improving as far as stamina. Made it through the third day, and wasn’t bad through the second day…

He was limping badly after the second day. Like really bad. Recovered decently for Sat but what was the point. That said, I’m sure he’s playing when he’s not playing tournaments, he should be able to gauge how he feels if he plays multiple days in row. Standing on the range and swinging isn’t gonna replicate walking a course. I’m guessing he may not be playing 18 holes every day either to test it out. Those last 5-6 holes is where fatigue sets in if you’re not conditioned.

You know this of course, but athletes like Tiger are just wired differently.  It’s next to impossible to get someone like that to sit one out unless they really thought going in they couldn’t compete and/or risk serious re-injury.  I get your point but he doesn’t want to be idle.  I do agree though that sitting out the U.S. is probably a good idea – we’ll see if he can make the same decision.