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Bertogliat said My wife and I were talking about how they need to have this as an option.  But I don’t see myself driving to Miesville on any Wednesday, much less during the off season.

I asked them about that and why it’s not an option more often.  And basically it’s to busy during baseball season to be cooking sliders and keeping the grills from overload for all the orders.

That is a hell of a good problem to have.  Good for them.  They likely have more people in that one restaurant at any given time of day during the summer than they have in total town population (136).  Last weekend, hardly anyone in the building was local.  Lots of Eden Prairie and St Paul clothing items.  Quite the draw.


They do. Them and House Of Coates off of Hwy 52 (also tremendous burgers). I do need to get back there. Met up with Karlsson and Jane Fonda/wife a few months back at the latter’s place, and we couldn’t even get in the door at King’s.