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    D Spot’s (Oakdale) wings are the King’s Place (Miesville) hamburgers of creativity, mixture of flavors/items and bizarreness.

    At King’s Place right now because of this post.  My first time here.  Love the place.  Over 100 burgers to choose from.  Great Bloody Mary.  Finished off with a Hamm’s.

    Apparently St Thomas is hosting a baseball game on the Miesville fields and lots of people are in town for it.  Town is hopping.  Great weekend atmosphere!  Thanks for the note.

    You have to go back during the off-season from baseball on Wednesdays. They have a sampler plater… Four sliders of your choice. So you get to sample more of their menu. I’ve done this 4 or 5 times.

My wife and I were talking about how they need to have this as an option.  But I don’t see myself driving to Miesville on any Wednesday, much less during the off season.