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    Rendezvous is a 2nd or 3rd rate BBQ joint in Memphis.  If you want best of the best you go to Central, Germantown Commissary, or Memphis BBQ Company

    I wish I had know this before I went to Memphis.  A group of us went to Rendezvous on recommendation of locals.  It was my least favorite BBQ restaurant I’ve been to.  My list of BBQ regions so far is:

    1, KC

    2. GA (Savannah)

    3. TX (Houston)




    4. Memphis

    Although I have only eaten BBQ in Houston, so the TX vote may not count.  I’d really like to visit Austin.

    I think KC BBQ is so good cause of their sauce. It’s a little sweeter but all the ones I’ve had also have a definite Worcestershire flavor to it which I love.