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I think the other creator/writer of Mayans is trying to end most, if not all, the Sutter storylines, for the most part, to concentrate on just the Mayans. In a series like this, viewers get kind of ripped off when it’s written away with a line of dialogue (SPOILER ALERT: like how Galindo is kinda mostly gone). Also see: the Adelita storyline that I mentioned.

I, for one, wouldn’t be upset if the Galindo storyline minus Emily would go away.  There is plenty of storylines going on without the former cartel boss.  Though I imagine that with Nestor now with Alvarez as a prospect that I see a meeting between those three coming up on the horizon.

As far as why I don’t mind the Emily storyline is for the same reason I liked the Jax/Tara storyline.  I’ll admit I’m a sucker for the lead characters to find some happiness and I think that Emily and EZ have something that draws them together.  I think it will have a similar tragic ending like Tara though.