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Mayans MC: Good episode. Wondering about the Galindo storyline…I think Adelita storyline is done with, which is a plus, it served its purpose, but, who knows? Angel’s storyline, have NO clue where that’s going, other than the thing with Letty, WTF? And EZ/Marcus…this is really going to get interesting with that combo. Gilly and Hank storyline…they are about to blow up. I just don’t know how. I hope that was cryptic enough.

Don’t forget about the Emily storyline, there have only been tidbits but then she reached out.

I think the other creator/writer of Mayans is trying to end most, if not all, the Sutter storylines, for the most part, to concentrate on just the Mayans. In a series like this, viewers get kind of ripped off when it’s written away with a line of dialogue (SPOILER ALERT: like how Galindo is kinda mostly gone). Also see: the Adelita storyline that I mentioned.

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