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    As an alum, I probably follow the team closer than most on here, but I’ve been questioning Larson’s recruiting ability since day 1. I’ve heard from two separate people close to the program that the “kids love him”, but he has not proven to me that he can recruit high level players.

    I can understand your assessment and I don’t necessarily disagree. But let’s be fair too… they lost Motzko (who was always known as a strong recruiter) and Raboin at the same time… and then lost Gibbons not long after that. Those three guys were integral in building them over many years of time. Not an easy situation to follow.

    Understandable, but we’re talking about 5 years to build the program back up with your own guys. He’s going to have a lot of time and slack to prove me wrong, but so far, I’m not impressed.

    The Huskies certainly underachieved in 2022 after returning nearly entire roster from title game team. And I was as surprised as anyone when tUMD won 2 of 3 playoff series at the Concrete Center after losing the previous Saturday at Amsoil. No doubt 2023 will be interesting, lots of spots to fill at SCSU &  we’ll have to see how it goes ☝️ Hammy made a solid point thou, that Gibbons was a very good recruiter for SCSU as were Raboin & tBob, but yeah…it’s been over 4 years since they departed & Larson took the reins, so who he brings in now & next year will tell the tale more clearly.

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