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I’ve had a pretty basic 1080P 60“ Sharp for about 10 years now and never seriously looked to replace. 4K content has just never fully taken off.

My philosophy on the primary TV (which our DLP is) is to buy top of the line so you stay as far ahead of obsoleted technology as possible.   I think the TV we bought in 2005 cost $3500 but other than two new fans we’ve never had a problem with it.  If it doesn’t die then we’ll replace it when we get around to remodelling the main floor of the house (we have windows to pay off now and are remodelling our upstairs bathrooms)

For the basement we bought a Samsung 4K which is nice but we intentionally chose not to break the bank on it, even though the 65″ OLEDs were very tempting.  There’s a huge difference in picture quality though from the 1080p and the services we have seem to have a fair amount of 4k content.