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We got upgraded from a 32″ tv to a 50″ in our living room. I was fine with the 32″ until we got the 50″… WOW!!! My wife said we should’ve got the 55″. There was still have room… LoL!!!

we have a 65 inch in our remodeled basement. As soon as it went up my wife lamented that a 75” might have looked better there. once my 61” DLP finally dies (bought it in 2005) I’m using those words to put an 80” in the family room. It’s a big space so I’m going big

I have a 50″, and I’d like to go bigger, but frankly, in a 1BR apt…a 50″ is big enough, although according to the “formula” I could go as high as 57″-60″