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My stupid, stupid back. It has been giving me issues for nearly a decade, with incidents becoming increasingly frequent and severe the last couple years. Went out so bad about a month ago that the spasms would literally make me fall to the floor screaming in pain. Just blinding pain that turned my legs to jelly. It calmed down after a week in bed, prednisone and muscle relaxers. It has been stiff/sore 75% off the time since, and somewhere in between the other 25%. Finally saw an orthopedist today (they’re real busy) and got an MRI scheduled tomorrow, and they’re getting some PT set up somewhere nearby starting soon. I really hope I can get to the bottom of this soon.


You cannot mess with your back. I’ve had problems my entire life, thankfully it’s been rare, but when it flares up? Good God. Unfortunately, my issues are not fixable at this stage in life. C’est la vie.