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I have the best crabgrass killer. POST emergent. When you are ready to tackle crabgrass, let me know.

Yeah… I think we need to have that info shared!


Quinclorac 75 DF is the herbicide.  It comes as a pellet that you dissolve in a hudson sprayer along with “methylated seed oil.”  These are chemical typically used in farming equipment and can be rather nasty.  Follow safety instructions.  You should cover us and use eye protection and gloves.  I actually believe you can’t buy this in certain states unless you have a farm or commercial operation.  We can buy it in MN and I think I had mine delivered by Amazon.

This combination kills crabgrass 100% post-emergent after only 2 days.  It has never harmed my lawn, but I don’t spray in extreme heat and I don’t allow my grass to go dormant.  If you have a lot of crabgrass be ready to overseed a couple weeks later to fill in the bare spots.  I have about a 1/3 of an acre and usually use only a half gallon of solution and typically use the remainder on my neighbors yards.  You must never dump the remainder in a drain or gutter or near wetlands.  Just make sure to not make too much solution.

Control Weeds in Your Lawn with Quinclorac

As someone who was always frustrated by crabgrass, I could not recommend this stuff enough.


PS.  The link tells you to measure by weight.  The instructions on my bottle of Quinchlorac give me the ratios in tablespoons per gallon.  So don’t worry about buying a balance.  I use QualiPro brand, but I am sure most brands are similar.  I believe my methylated seed oil is “Southern Ag” brand.

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