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Answers to Tuesday, May 17, 2022

1. The Empire Builder is a passenger train connecting Chicago to Seattle. What U.S. national park was established at the behest of the Great Northern Railway and its founder, James J. Hill, to attract customers to this train line?

Glacier National Park

2. What 13th-century explorer’s biography was subtitled “From Venice to Xanadu”?

Marco Polo

3. A baseball team called the Colt .45s were added to the MLB in 1962. The team changed its name three years later to reflect its city’s role in the burgeoning American space program. What is that team called today?

Houston Astros

4. Which is more remote in Australia: the outback or the bush?


5. Brian Jacques wrote his most famous book series after he began reading to children at a school for the blind. His books rely on sensory descriptions of sounds, smells, feelings, and especially tastes. What is that children’s series called?