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“Rinzel plays similar to Parayko, scout says on ‘NHL Draft Class’ podcast” https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-draft-class-podcast-defenseman-sam-rinzel-comparable-to-colton-parayko/c-334142116 That would be a dream. Parayko weights 230… Hopefully Rinzel can put on at least 20 before making it to campus and 15-20 more on campus.

From what I’ve seen he has a little more flash than a Parayko type but I guess Parayko would have flash if he were playing MN high school

I just remember watching Parayko play against Mankato and it was a man amongst boys scenario. I can’t remember any Gopher d-man like that in the last 15ish years in terms of overpowering size+skill.

He was listed 195 as a freshman and 218 as a JR. I’d hope the same for Rinzel. I don’t need too much flash from a guy like that.