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I drive through one without stuff in the middle on my way to work and had a good laugh a couple months ago when I watched someone take the curb on full speed. This particular one has a full size curb leading into the curve. I guess the person didn’t realize it was a roundabout.

In high school my best friend and I would drive across people’s lawns and whatever was not meant to drive across after a fresh snow fall.  We did my grandma’s lawn all the time just to irritate her. And one time we were dragging Main (small town America) and we saw another buddies younger sister and stopped to talk to her.  She was with a friend of hers and the friend told us her dad was looking for us cause we drove across his lawn a couple times after snow falls.  We weren’t the brightest guys around. We had two of the most noticeable vehicles in town… A two green ’79 Ford truck and a powder blue Chev. El Camino or Ford Ranchero (can’t remember exactly… it’s been nearly 30 years and it wasn’t mine).

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