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    And the Wild thread returns to its full glory. Sigh.

    it’s pathetic when a RUBE (who’s in reality just like the rest of us, rubes) posts opinions on GPL the thrust being that Billy is an obtuse GM but HE (J22) has all the answers. What makes it so comical is that he’s literally espoused that attitude ever since he joined the board 😂 lmfao…it’s OK to disagree with other posters, but that doesn’t give any of us carte Blanche…to be a consistent RICHARD

    Pathetic would be if I joined a Nashville Predators message board to constantly talk about the Wild. All that I did was add some statistics to the Goligoski conversation and then you decided to make it personal.

    So you get called out for being a condescending, disrespectful know-it-all and your reply is to double and triple down? Did it occur to you that Goli may have been playing hurt the last half of they year when he tailed off? You just decide how who you want to hate and then shape your argument to prove it and ignore everything else.