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When do you have that next interview for your NHL GM job?

As a guy who wouldn’t even know how to put on a pair of skates, or draw up a simple breakout, yet spends his entire life bitching about Gopher players and coaches, you sure you want to throw that stone? You think it takes an NHL insider to know that paying a healthy scratch $5M per is a bad idea? How about re-signing that healthy scratch for 2 years, after he turns 37 years old?

So your argument is that because he might not have played hockey you know better than him what it takes to field a successful NHL team? What a pathetic attempt at a comeback.

Jesus you are so off base you have me defending bonin…I want you to go sit in the corner and feel shame because it takes one helluva bad take for that to happen!

No, my point was that if I have to be employed by an NHL front office to have an opinion on the Wild and their decisions, then why does someone that has never even been on skates or behind a bench, get to rip the Gophers and their coaches constantly? Sorry that it was difficult for you to understand. Maybe you could spend some time in a corner and try to FIO.