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Can someone ELI5 if we’ll be able to see this well in the Twin Cities? And looks like Sunday night, what time? https://www.startribune.com/moon-goes-blood-red-this-weekend-eclipse-for-the-americas/600173060/

A lunar eclipse is visible to anyone who can see the moon when it occurs.  It begins at 9:27 PM and lasts several hours.  While it is interesting to watch, a full lunar eclipse is not ‘spectacular’ or rare.  Also, the “blood” term is an exaggeration.  In the 70’s, when there was a lot of air pollution, there were more deep red colors being refracted around the Earth and onto the moon.  It is much more subdued nowadays.  (None-the-less, I will be looking in on it periodically) So, if it’s not cloudy, you will see it.