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My ducks are gone. We live on a rather large pond. After a winter without activity on the pond, I enjoy spring as it brings about the ducks, geese, herons, and even swans. We actually have a surprisingly wide variety of ducks for a city pond. However I’ve noticed the last couple of days that I have seen exactly zero ducks, geese, herons or swans. While I understand we may have some sitting on nests this time of year, we usually have plenty of activity as one of the two parents can’t be on the nest and they need to eat. I know we have a bird flu going around. Is it possible the flu is hitting the water fowl this hard? Has anyone else seen a decline in ducks/geese?

Pretty sure the news said migrating waterfowl are the primary spreader of bird flu.

I wasn’t expecting a mass die off. I know the flu is hitting the birds, but does that mean they all die?


FWIW we have a pond in our backyard in the burbs and we’ve had a “normal” amount of ducks and geese this year.  Maybe even more ducks than normal.  Had a few migrating ducks like mergansers too.