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    Why the hell did Guerin extend Goligoski in the middle of the season when his play was shit? The only thing I can think of is they had an under the table agreement on a 3 year 9mm contract but broke it into 2 contracts to have a large cap hit in year 1 when the Wild had space and then a smaller cap hit the next 2 years when money is going to be tight. This of course is against the rules. See: Joe Smith Timberwolves.

    Respectfully Disagree…Goli had a solid season, he may have led the team in + – but wore down physically near the end. And I can promise you one thing…he wasn’t a GIGANTIC Diva (like the guy who was bought out) and he essentially replaced…& if you don’t believe me, google some Jason Arnott quotes (he was a former teammate) of said Diva