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Why does someone on here always find it necessary to rip a woman calling games?

Well….she is awful 😞. Not nearly enough volume for the job, sounds like she’s standing 10 feet from the mic, and she goes long stretches without calling player names. When she gets excited, it’s like that sound your knife makes on a dinner plate that makes your teeth hurt. It takes a special announcer to handle hockey…and she ain’t it. To be fair, a lot of male announcers get ripped around here , too, not least out very own Anthony Lapanta and Paul Allen, to name only two.

But nobody rips them for their inherent traits of being a woman like you just did.I hope you don’t have any daughters.


She does not have enough volume in her voice to fill the microphone (other announcers do); she does hit an obnoxious high note when she gets excited (other announcers don’t); and she does go long periods without calling out names (other announcers don’t). Moreover, any of the criticisms I leveled against her may be shared by others and might equally apply to men.

Everything I wrote is an honestly held opinion about her job performance and has nothing at all to do with her gender. YOU made that silly extrapolation.

You go on trying to repackage responses to fit your baseless narrative, but keep your speculation about my family to yourself. You’re out of line.