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Questions for Friday, May 13, 2022

Five questions to wake up your noodle. Answers in Monday’s email.

1. Quit While You’re Ahead: There have been three English kings who had “VI” appended to their names. Name as many of them as you can for one point each. Zero total if you get any wrong.

2. If you mistype Google’s URL and end up at “google.cm,” what country’s Google page are you visiting?

3. Of the 25 top-grossing films of all time in Japan, five were produced by what homegrown animation studio?

4. Due to a high rate of hereditary deafness, which island off Cape Cod had its own sign language used by both Deaf and hearing residents, until it became a popular tourism spot?

5. Today is May 13. Dancer Balasaraswati was born on this day in 1918. She was the first person to perform Bharatanatyam outside of South India. It is the state dance of which Indian state, whose largest city is Chennai?