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    Anyone notice what SCSU has been doing this offseason? They’re bringing back 4 fifth year seniors (Motzko’s guys) and bringing in 4 transfers (one being a former Motzko player in Cruikshank lol). As an alum, I probably follow the team closer than most on here, but I’ve been questioning Larson’s recruiting ability since day 1. I’ve heard from two separate people close to the program that the “kids love him”, but he has not proven to me that he can recruit high level players. The incoming class looks weak based on Juniors stats which is probably why he kept/brought in a bunch of older players.

    Just thought it was an interesting observation since the media gives him a lot more credit than he deserves about being a good coach imo. He’s holding on to Motzko’s guys for dear life when he should have 5 years of recruits ready to come in and contribute.