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Yes I mistyped…jesus people it wasn’t that hard to figure out what I meant.

You know for a bunch of people who drool over stats it seems you all are dismissing Close rather easily.  I mean the guy had a 92.5% save percentage and gave up less than 2 per game and started every game after He Whose Name I Tend To Forget left the squad to go pro.  I would say that warrants a little more than “well if we have to play him we can survive” which is how a bunch of you sound.  He isn’t Ken Dryden but he isn’t Josh Sievebida either…hell Chrona the Great had a 91.1% save percentage and gave up 2.11 goals per game.  And because NCHC Superfan#1 will say something like “yeah but he faced the NCHC which was tougher!11!1” Portillo the Conqueror had a 92.7% save percentage and a 2.09 GAA and he played in the same league as Close.

I am not saying we shouldn’t have another goalie (I always like a goalie competition unless the guy is Hobey worthy) but this notion that we need some A+ goalie to win is ridiculous.  The notion that the team can’t win with Close (as of now, the future could obviously prove otherwise) is just laughable.

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