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    Rube, After being in the apartment caretaking business for over 20 years, that’s very reasonable. Especially in the area you rent. Just curious, is the fire place wood?

    Yep, straight up fireplace, hence me not using it. If it were that gas/etc fireplace, I’d light it up every winter night. I started out at $825/mo rent. I see the rents around here now? JFC. I’d even think about buying a house. $1500+ for a 1BR? $3500 for a 3BR? Hell no.

    Heres my decorator tip for fireplaces like yours: pile in a bunch of white pillar candles.  You can even use the fake ones that have the life like flickering flame.  Use at least 5, different heights.  I used to rent an older apartment that had a small fireplace that they had sealed off for safety reasons.  But it still dominated the living area, candles were allowed.  It looks like a fire, you get the cozy glow.  If drippy wax is a concern, arrange all the candles on a metal tray.