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MSHSL votes down Boys’ Volleyball becoming a varsity high school sport by one vote.


While Title IX is a concern (it is for everything), this is entirely to do with scheduling.  The MSHSL took the approach of “just let the Board decide which season we will play this in”, which is correct administratively, but scary to a school that has to manage the particulars of determining who gets gym priority.

Schools are already strapped for gym space in March and April, so a spring volleyball season is going to be hard.  From what I understand, there aren’t enough officials to do it in the fall with girls volleyball already in-season.

Cost is a bit of a factor, but not one that schools are using to say no entirely.  The school doesn’t have to participate, remember!

Nobody is really opposed to boys volleyball on principle; it has everything to do with fitting it into an already full slate.  If the MSHSL said they’ll approve a 12 game schedule for practices to start on April 15 and games to start on May 1, with sections in first week of June, I think that would work fine.  But mission creep starts to take over, and 12 games isn’t a meaningful volleyball season, and there are already too many spring sports…. so you can see how that raises enough questions to cause the whole thing to pause.