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Scammer Paybacks is another solid one.

I’ll have to check this one out as well. Kitboga clips are just long… funny, but just to long.


Kitboga has 2 channels.  I’m not sure what you mean by too long.  Kit’s main Youtube videos are 15-30 minutes long.  He has another channel with basically unedited videos from his Twitch streams.

Kit doesn’t hack – he’s just more in it to kill the scammers time and have fun.  Although he does try to get them to give bank accounts and then he’ll forward those to the authorities to have them shut down.  IMHO he’s by far the funniest of the scambaiters.


Jim Browning is a hacker that will get into the scammer’s computer systems and mess with them that way.  Jim’s latest that he did in partnership with Mark Rober and Trilogy media was pretty funny.


Scammer Payback (aka Pierogi) is kind of somewhere between Jim Browning and Kitboga.  He does a little hacking but also tries to be funny…although for me he’s just not that entertaining.