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    As much as I hope Cooley will come in and light up the score sheet every night I kinda doubt his overall impact is significantly better than Senior year Meyers. You also need more than one line no matter how good he is.

    I kinda doubt Walker is coming back so unless that happens there’s not much point in discussing it but I agree with what ppl said above for the most part.

    Are you seriously praising Walker and Company for their defensive prowess?

    If Walker committed to being a PK and PITA winger, then he could have a career ahead of him if he put on just a little more size to battle for loose pucks.

    Yeah I think if he was a winger instead of a top 2 center he’d be more free to take risks and not have as much defensive responsibility. As a top 6 center he was just outmatched vs the elite NCAA teams top lines hence some of the frustration we see here. I do think Brodzinski was part of the problem there but it doesn’t explain everything.

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