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I’ll file this here, I suppose. Meltdown (Netflix streaming) 4 part series on the Three Mile Island nuclear meltdown. Pre-Chernobyl. The first 3 eps are very good, they…really show the good, the bad, and the ugly. Obv there is some bias against nuclear power, and between this, and the Chernobyl HBO series (based on fact) and the “Midnight In Chernobyl” book (which is an EXCELLENT in-depth, very in-depth read)…one constant: bottom line. That’s all that matters. :(


Finished it up tonight, the main whistleblower still proclaims that nuclear power is a good source of energy (and I tend to agree). But, no *bleepin’* shortcuts, you must do it right, or guess what? This happens. It’s not a tainted river or lake, people friggin’ die like crazy, and most likely, slow-roll/long-term.