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    Changing my tune to let’s get Walker back if we can. I don’t think it would hurt to have some veteran leadership up front. Plus we need the numbers.

    As I’ve stated previously, chance of Walker signing a free agent pro deal is 90% & 10% he wants to return & if so, there should be a roster spot for him

    Do you have the 90%/10% in writing from Sammy? If not then people are going to speculate about him until one of two things happens he announces signing a free agent deal or the Gophers fill up their roster with more forwards. If the Gophers fill up their roster and then Sammy doesn’t get a free agent deal this summer I am curious what his back up plan is? Maybe playing in Europe? Would he get a “regular” job? I woing to wait for the summer free agent try out period if that is Sammy’s plan A.

    lol…that’s a rather LARGE HAND with index finger protruding skyward!


    I didn’t do anything to it. It’s the emoji/message you originally posted that I quoted. This has happened other times with that particular emoji since the Board changed. Just to let you know.

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