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    Changing my tune to let’s get Walker back if we can. I don’t think it would hurt to have some veteran leadership up front. Plus we need the numbers.

    As I’ve stated previously, chance of Walker signing a free agent pro deal is 90% & 10% he wants to return & if so, there should be a roster spot for him


    Do you have the 90%/10% in writing from Sammy? If not then people are going to speculate about him until one of two things happens he announces signing a free agent deal or the Gophers fill up their roster with more forwards.


    If the Gophers fill up their roster and then Sammy doesn’t get a free agent deal this summer I am curious what his back up plan is? Maybe playing in Europe? Would he get a “regular” job?


    I would expect Coach is actively looking and figuring out what are the best options to fill the team and isn’t likely going to wait for the summer free agent try out period if that is Sammy’s plan A.

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